BC’s sports are going unnoticed

Do the students know about BC sports?

Bellevue College is the home of many great programs including a very strong athletic department. However, many students don’t know that we even have an athletic program; which begs the question, why do people not know about the athletics here except for a select few people?

There are many possible causes, from lack of advertising, to students not caring and maybe even to no exposure to the students.

While the athletic department has its strong points in several areas, it means nothing if students aren’t coming out to support the athletes.

The athletic department has a lot of different sports from the school. Some of the main ones include men’s and women’s Basketball, men’s and women’s Golf men’s and women’s Volleyball, men’s and women’s Soccer, men’s Baseball, and women’s Softball. However, the only reason that I know this is because I have worked with the athletic department and I have written about them.

Only a few of the sports have shown any form of advertisement to attract players to tryouts or students to watch their games.

I think that more advertisement and possible collaboration with other clubs would increase awareness about the sports teams, and would, in turn, increase attendance at sporting events and possible attendance for tryouts.

Another possible reason that students don’t recognize the sports teams here at BC is the fact that this is not a major college. At major universities and other colleges, one of the biggest attractions to them besides great academia, is the sports programs. BC has many accomplished teams including; the women’s golf team which has won 10 consecutive matches.

The men’s golf team which has finished highly in many matches, and alumni Richard Lee is currently playing on the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) tour, the baseball team who has finished high in the past few seasons along with having multiple players in the last few years be selected in the Major League Baseball amateur draft, and the Women’s Basketball team which recently has finished 5th in the Northwest Athletics Association of Community Colleges Championship Basketball Tournament.

It is an understatement to say that the teams at Bellevue College are pretty strong and well accomplished.