BC women’s tennis: New season and new line up

IMG_8423dBellevue College women’s tennis team has won the Northwest Athletic Association of Community Colleges championships for eight year consecutively. This 2013 season, BC welcomes six new members to the team to hopefully help  bring them their ninth win.

The six new athletes are Sadie Dedon, Lorraine Eng, Naline Long, Kristi Nasu, Barbara Smith and Rixing Xu.

According to Head Coach Jason Chapman, practices have been  great. “We are working very hard every day to improve and be prepared for all of our upcoming matches,” said Chapman.

The girls train Monday to Friday from 2:30 – 3:45 p.m. at  Robinswood Tennis Center.

Newport High School graduate Kristi Nasu  said that the tryout process was pretty relaxed and not too nerve-racking because most of the girls on the team knew each other before the official team was made. Nasu said, “I am interested in playing at BC because it is the best opportunity I have to do a hobby I enjoy while in college.”

Nasu is a speech pathology major. “I look forward to a great season with the team!” added Nasu

Freshman and Business transfer degree student Sadie Dedon  was also one of the players for BC women’s tennis team’s new season. “Training has been great this year. We have a good group of dedicated girls that really want to work hard and play their best tennis this year! Always are will[ing] to improve everyday. Even if it means we’re doing lines all day long!” said Dedon, laughing.

Dedon graduated from Bainbridge High School and she is now the team captain for the BC women’s tennis team. “We know what it takes to win and I think we have that!” added Dedon.

Newport High School graduate Rixing Xu hopes to help strengthen the team to win their ninth consecutive NWAACC championships. “I am interested in playing at BC because I want to develop further my tennis game under our coach, Jason Chapman. I wanted to solidify my tennis skills and hopefully transfer to a four-year university and play tennis there,” said Xu.

According to Xu, training  sessions have been enjoyable.

“Training with the team has been very enjoyable but at the same time, serious, because we all want to improve. Whatever the coach tells us to do, we will do. The mix of running and hitting drills during training helps us with building our stamina and our all around game as tennis players and athletes,” added Xu.

Xu added that when she first tried out for the team, the process was straightforward and reasonable. Athletes each had to play challenge matches against every other player and the ranking on the team was based on their win-loss record and the number of games we won per match.

Last weekend of Mar. 9 and 10 the team had their first game of the season at the Spring Invitational in Stanwood. Xu and Dedon both made it to the semi-finals and ended up playing against each other.

The next game for the team is going to be on Saturday, March 30 at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma at 11 a.m.