BC’s Office of Student Engagement Open Every Tuesday on Campus

Photo by Brooke Cagle from Unsplash.

During the pandemic, many student activities and resources were only available remotely for the BC community. However, in winter quarter, most offices started to open again for students that are looking for extracurricular activities and support. With the current safe return to campus and with most resources being available back in person, the Office of Student Engagement has opened its doors in the C Building every Tuesday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The Office of Student Engagement is located in room C212 and one part of its mission is to provide students the experience of student life from a multicultural and diverse perspective. Throughout the academic year, leaders and members of student engagement create and promote events that bring a positive impact to students, including support to student organizations like the International Students Association, the Black Student Union, the Asian-Pacific Islander Student Association, and many more.

Some of the core members of the student engagement office are the affinity coordinators, who are student employee leaders that advocate and support organizations and students within their affinity groups. During the pandemic, affinity coordinators have been engaging with the community through different remote events and activities, but in winter quarter, they are coming back to campus alongside the rest of the office members of the C Building.

Affinity coordinators are available in person while the Office of Student Engagement is open. There are six current coordinators:

The Watchdog talked to the LGBTQ Students Affinity Coordinator, Argus Ortman, who has been a student employee of student engagement since the spring of 2021. He is also the head of the LGBTQ resource center, which is located in C212 as well.

Ortman believes that the Office of Student Engagement and the LGBTQ resource center “offers kind of a safe space for people to feel comfortable hanging out and meeting with members of the community.”

The LGBTQ resource center, according to Ortman, “offers a concrete place to go if you need [to] ask about things that we offer in terms of queer resources like name changes.” He encourages students to “come to the LGBTQ resource center… We’d love to see you there!”

Overall, the Office of Student Engagement is a welcoming and safe place for everyone. Students are encouraged to visit and choose to interact with members of different affinity groups, build community or get involved with student organizations.