BC’s VP of Administrative Services, Dennis Curran Departing

Landerholm Circle roundabout in summer
Landerholm Circle courtesy of Bellevue College

This May, Dennis Curran will depart from Bellevue College. Curran holds a Master’s in Clinical Psychology and went on to get his Master’s of Business Administration in Economics from the Naval Postgraduate School. After that, he worked for the United States Air Force and Edmonds Community College before landing at BC four and a half years ago to serve as the Vice President of Administrative Services. Curran will be continuing onward to Allan Hancock College in Santa Maria, CA, where he will be their new Vice President of Finance and Administration.

As VP of Administrative Services, Curran handled a variety of departments, such as finance, payroll, budget, purchasing, contracts, records, campus operations, sustainability, public safety, the early learning center, and food services and events. He was also part of projects such as the W-2 tax forms, creation of cafes and many other intricate works that have kept BC operations running smoothly. Gary Locke, interim President of BC, described how “[Curran] has played a key role in enhancing our operational efficiency and infrastructure, campus safety and emergency preparedness and improved financial stability. His leadership and dedication have been exemplary. We will miss his expertise, his warm personality and his unwavering commitment to our campus.”

Currently, BC is seeking an interim VP of Administrative Services. BC is looking for someone who has experience with management relations at a Washington community college, technical college or university; will carry on and be committed to the college’s philosophy; and has a Master’s Degree from an accredited institution in business, public or higher education administration, or another related field. If you are interested and qualify, apply for the position by this May to be considered for the position. BC also has a large sum of other administrative positions, as well as classified positions, part-time positions and full-time faculty positions, which are vacant and ready to be filled. To find more information, look into the job opportunities.