Bellevue College Celebrates Homecoming Week 2022

Bellevue College // The Watchdog.

Oct. 10 to 14 marks Bellevue College’s Homecoming Week, during which new and returning students are welcomed and the thriving BC community is commemorated.

Homecoming is an exciting opportunity for students looking to connect more with their community, learn about the many programs Bellevue College has to offer, bond with fellow students and enliven their college experience.

Homecoming Week 2022 is special because it is the first in-person Homecoming at Bellevue College in over two years.

When considering how this year’s Homecoming differs from last year’s and how the virtual to in-person transition stands out, Rebecca Chawgo, Vice President of Institutional Advancement at Bellevue College, commented, “There is not the sheer volume of students that there was before, but I think that we’re all just getting used to being back. Homecoming has been a big thing for several years at Bellevue College, and we threw big parades in years past. It’s a good representation of the offerings on campus. Now, there are more opportunities for students to reengage and for faculty and staff to reconnect with students and introduce people to the campus.”

When mentioning the highlights of Homecoming Week so far, Chawgo noted, “The Student Coffee Talk with President Locke on Tuesday was great for students to get some one-on-one time with President Locke. On Wednesday, in the newly opened Social Justice Center, students could pick up a purple ribbon to show support for survivors of domestic violence. And tomorrow, we’re doing Bags to Bedrolls. It’s a sustainability and civil justice project where we teach people how to take grocery bags and make them into bedrolls that are great for the homeless or anyone that wants some waterproof support between them and their sleeping bags.”

For a recap of this year’s events, students can check out the Homecoming Week website.