Bellevue College Launches Virtual Parking System to Enhance Campus Parking Efficiency

Sean Wu // The Watchdog

Starting on July 3 of the Summer Quarter, Bellevue College embraced modernity with new virtual parking permits using License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology and an online Parking Portal, leaving the parking permit stickers in the past. 

No more forgetting to print out your temporary parking pass while waiting for the sticker parking permit in the mail! No more waiting for said sticker to come in the mail, either. This new parking system aims to increase convenience and efficiency. Also, you can save yourself the $25 fine for not displaying the parking permit or improperly displaying the permit. There may be a fine for not properly showing the license plate, since the license plate number replaces the parking permit. However, that’s yet to be determined. 

Sean Wu // The Watchdog

With new technology comes new instructions. First, license plates must be clearly visible for the LPR technology to work. If you back into your parking spot, have a license plate on the front. However, LPR is able to detect license plates of cars that are parallel parked. Next, students can register up to two cars per permit, and employees can register up to three cars. 

What can you do in the Parking Portal? This website has everything you need to know about parking at Bellevue College in one place. You can pay a parking ticket, appeal a ticket, order different permits, buy visitor and daily parking, modify account vehicles (add or take out license plates), and access the map of campus. This map shows the locations of general and discount parking lots, employee parking, bus stops, pay stations for daily parking, and more. 

Most questions can likely be answered on the Parking Portal, but you can also contact the BC Parking team by emailing them at with further inquiries.