Tiny Gallery, Big Inspiration: BC Library Opens “Tiny Art Gallery” for Mini-Size Works

Sean Wu // The Watchdog

In an often-overlooked corner of the library, a new society has formed at Bellevue College: a miniature one, that is. Blink and you’ll miss the library’s tiny art gallery, which has made a home in a glass display case under the technology desk on the first floor of the library. Inside you can find miniature humans with an accordingly tiny stack of books, plants and red movie theater line ropes to accompany them. You can also view works of art on Post-It note sized canvases using a variety of materials and drawing inspiration from people and nature. This hidden easter egg on campus is the product of an effort by “tiny gallerists” Ashley DeWeerd and Elena Maans-Lorincz, who are a circulation and course reserves specialist and a librarian at BC, respectively. Though miniature in size, the gallerists are excited to see the gallery make big waves. DeWeerd says, “We are excited to see student voices displayed in the library. It is a small format, so it is more unintimidating; it is a fun way of letting people have a bit more ownership over the library space and displays.”

The inspiration for the tiny gallery came from the Seattle Museum of Museum’s miniature exhibits presented by local artist Jennifer McNeely. Since then, “free little art galleries” have been spotted all over the Seattle area, showcasing everyday moments and once-in-a-lifetime masterpieces alike through this innovative (and adorable) medium.

Good news for all interested tiny artists: the gallery is currently accepting submissions! All stable mediums of art are accepted, including small sculptural works (including 3D printings), paintings, drawings and any other miniature creations given they are no larger than 4-by-4 inches. The tiny gallery is also open to a full-display installation if an inspired artist should feel so inclined. To submit your art, visit the BC Library Circulation desk in D-126A to fill out a submission form, or email DeWeerd at ashley.deweerd@bellevuecollege.edu. Instructors seeking to display student work can email Maans-Lorincz at e.maans@bellevuecollege.edu. The gallery is open to submissions from all BC staff and students.