Bellevue College to Improve Online Classes With Faculty Peer-to-Peer Training

Moving from in-person learning to an online format has been an adjustment for students and teachers alike. Unique challenges are posed with the new digital classroom setting, but at BC, teachers are getting creative and learning how to improve online classes using a faculty peer-to-peer approach. While the CARES Act stipend provided the needed financial support for teachers making the digital transition early in the pandemic, BC is preparing to take online learning to the next level. 

Throughout Winter and Spring Quarter, teachers with more online instruction experience will look over and provide feedback on the courses of other, less online-experienced teachers looking to improve their classes.

An article from the BC website explains that “courses will be reviewed according to a rubric, with an eye for design, usability and accessibility.” It is expected that up to 700 courses can be evaluated through the project, along with additional CARES funding. Many BC faculty are optimistic that the benefit of strengthening online learning programs will continue into the future once the pandemic is over. Sue Nightingale, president of the BC faculty union and a biology instructor said, “Once a course is reviewed, the improvements won’t end with the quarter, or the academic year. They’ll continue as long as the course is taught, and faculty will be able to apply what they’ve learned to multiple sections, or other courses too.” 

Even once the pandemic is over, online learning may become a more popular option amongst students. The investments to make eLearning a more accessible and usable option that sets BC students and faculty up for success, today and tomorrow.