Who Will Lead Bellevue College’s Student Body? Get to Know the ASG President and VP Candidates

As you might know by now from the dozens of posters plastered around campus or the numerous emails from the Associated Student Government (ASG) in your inbox, Bellevue College’s ASG is currently in the process of filling officer positions for the 2023-2024 academic year. The application for appointed positions closed on April 21, and the candidates for the president and vice president positions are currently in the midst of their campaigns.

Understanding the candidates and voting for those who represent you the best is essential, as ASG are the ones who fight for improvements within the student community and the quality of our education. ASG serves as a crucial link between students and the college, providing a platform for students to voice their opinions, address concerns, and contribute to the improvement of the community and education.

To ensure students make informed voting decisions, ASG has been hosting a variety of events that provide a better understanding of each candidate’s approach to their respective positions. On May 8, ASG hosted a “Get to Know Candidates” event at which candidates introduced themselves and what they would bring to the college if elected. 

Running unopposed for the president position is incumbent secretary Sean Behl, who, if elected, wants to focus on communication on campus between students, clubs and faculty. Behl also expressed his belief that engagement on campus needs to be increased. “Over COVID, we lost a lot of community on campus,” he said. Behl believes that one of the most important jobs that ASG has is “to build [community] back, you know, build back that bridge,” saying that one of the most important ways to build the community back is to be present and visible on campus, elaborating that “if students don’t know ASG is a thing, or that we’re here for them, they can’t utilize the resources that we can provide.”

The incumbent president, Rebecca Mbaka, is running alongside Behl for the vice president position. If elected, Mbaka wants to continue being in “constant contact with students in order to learn about what they are facing.” Mbaka also expresses the importance of making resources for students visible because “those resources are for students, so if students are not aware of those, they won’t be able to use them.” In regards to increasing community engagement, Mbaka explains that from her experience talking with students, she understands that many students choose to go to a college because of their impression of the college’s sense of community, and that community is a crucial factor at BC. She suggests building a stronger sense of community at the college “by organizing different activities and events, where students can come together and have the opportunity to learn more about each other.” 

Jenny Amadi, president of the Congolese Student Association, is also putting her hat in to run for the vice president position. Amadi believes that the most important role ASG plays is to be able to “represent and voice students’ needs, to serve [students] and make what they think become a reality and connect them to the resources that the college offers.” Amadi conveys that, if elected, she would like to increase community and engagement on campus by “do[ing] more activities on campus, to go and talk more to students in person,” she continues, “providing surveys so we can know what students are facing, so we would be more prepared to respond to their needs.”

The Bellevue College ASG election provides an opportunity for students to actively participate in shaping their college experience. Make an effort to engage in the electoral process by voting and making your voice heard. Your involvement plays a vital role in fostering a vibrant and inclusive community at Bellevue College.

The closing election panel will take place on Monday, May 22, offering the final opportunity to hear from the candidates before voting commences. Voting begins on May 29 at 7 a.m. and closes on May 31 at 11:59 p.m. via Canvas. Results will be announced around June 12.