Seattle University Guarantees Admission for Washington State Community College Students with 3.0+ GPA

On April 15, the Seattle University (SU) Instagram page announced the Redhawk Transfer Admissions Guarantee. The page states that “Washington state community college students with a 3.0 [GPA] or higher are now guaranteed admission.” This information is especially useful for students planning to get two-year transfer associate degrees from Bellevue College. August 15 is the transfer deadline for attending SU in the upcoming fall quarter. 

Another exciting piece of information from the Seattle University website is that students admitted to SU will automatically be considered for merit-based scholarships, which would be guaranteed for three years. This offer could help more students attend that wouldn’t normally be able to. These scholarships, intended for first-year and transfer students, range from $13,000 – $30,000 per year. SU also offers additional scholarships on their website.

Wondering if your credits will transfer? The equivalency list is a good place to start. It’s a helpful resource that shows Bellevue College courses that replace similar Seattle University ones for credit that goes toward your degree. If one of your courses is not on there, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not transferable. A more thorough transfer credit evaluation will take place after submitting your application. Most SU transfers from two-year colleges are able to enter as juniors, assuming that they’re on track with the requirements for their major.

How is SU going to be able to fit all of these new potential students in? One explanation is that less students are living on campus, giving the college more room for incoming students. In 2019, SU reported that 93.3% of incoming first-year students lived on campus. However, in 2022, that number plummeted to 54% of total undergraduates living on campus. Between 2019 and 2020, 66% of students were reported as commuters, which could explain why there is so much housing available. 
If you end up as a transfer student or commuter at Seattle University, the college offers community spaces for both groups: The Transfer Link and The Commuter Link. There is even an honor society specifically for transfer students called Tau Sigma Honor Society. Seattle University has definitely made efforts to include transfer students and commuters in their community and to make their college accessible to more people.