Apply for 3 PE Certificate Programs Offered at BC during the Upcoming Fall Quarter

Photo by Kike Vega on Unsplash

On May 11, a BC FYI disclosed that the applications for three P.E. certificate programs taking place this coming fall quarter have opened. Offered under the Health and Physical Education Department is the following: Yoga Instructor Certificate, Outdoor Recreation Leadership Certificate and Personal Fitness Trainer Certificate.

The Outdoor Recreation Leadership certification “is designed to prepare students for a wide range of personal and/or professional opportunities in recreation, outdoor leadership and education,” according to their website. It is a 19-credit program, meaning it can be obtained within three quarters. A student getting their Associate of Applied Science-Transfer (AAS-T) may complete this program for the elective requirements. There is no application deadline for this program; however, there is an “ideal start date” of the fall quarter. The application does require students to submit a document, which includes three supplements. To apply, see this page

The Personal Fitness Trainer certificate program “is designed to prepare students for a variety of fields in the Health and Wellness Industry.” To see the certification purpose, learning outcomes and core coursework, see this dedicated page. Applicants are accepted on a rolling basis and are encouraged to start as soon as fall quarter, as it may be completed within three quarters. Their page shares that the deadline to start for fall quarter is Sept. 12. This program also requires applicants to complete three supplements regarding their desire to complete the program. See the application here.

The final certificate program offered this coming fall quarter is the Yoga Instructor program. This is the only program with a hybrid course format and part-time options available. It is a 13-credit program with the purpose of teaching yoga in diverse settings. See their Certification of Registration here. Their website states that “students learn the art and science of yoga instruction. Upon graduation from this Health Science Education and Wellness Institute program, graduates will be able to register as a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), which is a credential sought by many fitness and wellness employers.” Like the previous program, applicants are accepted on a rolling basis, but are expected to apply by Sept. 12. See the required application materials here and apply to the program using this link.

“I enjoyed getting my yoga instructor certificate through BC,” shared Sophia Ojeda, a current fifth-year student in her second year of nursing at Bellevue College. “We met every other weekend for 6 months. It seemed like a big commitment at the time, and it certainly is a commitment, but it’s definitely worth it.” When asked about the possibility of an unbalanced workload with school and life tasks, she shared, “I felt like I could manage working on my nursing prerequisites in school full-time, working part-time and doing the yoga-teacher training at the same time. I lived at home with my family and I don’t have kids, so I didn’t need to worry about those two big factors. There were many women in the program who had children, and they finished the program too. I think if you set your mind to completing it, the world will make a way for you to do so. That being said, life is busy and complex, and the instructors want to work with you to make it as manageable as possible.” 

Having practiced yoga since her senior year of high school, Ojeda “really liked the movement, culture and how it made my mind and body feel.” Luckily, the program was mentioned to her by a friend and “that is when I seriously began to research a yoga program, and Bellevue College had the most affordable and flexible program for me.” Additionally, after looking into programs, her interest was deepened when she discovered that BC’s “instructors are seasoned practitioners of yoga and have tons of experience and knowledge.”

After being asked about the benefits of the program, Ojeda reflected, saying it has helped her “in more ways than I thought possible. First, it has given me the option to make some money on the side by teaching a class or two every week at my local gym or yoga studio. Second, it gives me a lovely community of people who are all about wellness and mindfulness. Third, I have made so many friends in the program and then through being a teacher! Teaching has brought me so much satisfaction. More so, I liked the BC program specifically because you learn about the anatomy of the body and how to be a wellness coach alongside the yoga aspects. The program is very thorough and I felt like I got a well-rounded and well-paced education.”

“If you have any interest in yoga at all, I would absolutely recommend BC students pursue a yoga teacher certificate,” Ojeda stated. She then discussed how the certificate program is a great way to learn about “yoga postures, breathing, meditation and the history [of yoga].” The process of getting the certificate is rewarding enough, as “teaching is just a bonus. The best investment you can make is when you invest in yourself; go for it!”

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