OPINION: Is AI Devaluing the Humanities?

May 28, 2023 0

With the Writer’s Guild of America currently on strike, it sparks conversation on how we see the humanities and, inadvertently, how we value them. According to iSchoolConnect, “The humanities include […]

Student Artwork Showcase: Jordan Diadedakana

June 5, 2022 0

To see Jordan Diadedakana’s “Le Monde est à Toi” album as displayed at Bellevue College, click here. Note that the image is NSFW. Jordan Diadedakana, an international Bellevue College student […]

Artsy Activities To Do in Issaquah

February 27, 2022 0

Issaquah is a cute little town that is a 10-minute drive away from Bellevue College. It is also a very artsy town. In this article, you will see some unique […]

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