BC Mural Project Winner Spotlight: Dubois Mutombo Buisha

Dubois Mutombo Buisha // Bellevue College.

The final featured winner of BC’s Outdoor Mural Project is Dubois Mutombo Buisha! Click here to view all nine mural artist winner spotlights.

Dubois Mutombo Buisha — “Diversity”

Bio: My passion for drawing, painting and design is something that drives me since my young age. I really enjoyed every moment I spent creating or designing something. Those activities have greatly contributed to broadening my mind and to generate, in me, a growing interest in culture, art, heritage, and more recently, architecture. However, I have my online store that sells watercolor paintings, illustrations and other [items].

Mutombo Buisha’s Artist Statement: For this poster, I wanted to create a simple and easy way to represent our community at Bellevue College. According to Oxford languages, the word diversity means the state of being diverse; variety. This entire word includes many other sub-words that make it stronger, such as gender. It can [be] any kind of living thing or object, including human beings. However, that meaning is something that many people from my country ignore. Since I came here to the U.S., I started to understand the deep meaning of this word through the protest events across the United States of America. Also, I masked-up everyone in my illustration because it’s important to find a way of expressing what’s happening in the world right now (COVID-19). So, this poster is my understanding of the word diversity that reflects our community such as teachers, students and workers at Bellevue College no matter where you came from or [the] tone of your skin or religion. We are Bellevue College.