OPINION: Generation Z Could Have a Dire Impact On Our Future

Photo by Aaron Burden from Pexels.

Generation Z is the first generation to share the collective experience of war, pandemics, financial instability, and climate change. The cohort of up-and-coming world leaders born from 1995 to 2010 generally understand the value of a platform that creates a newfound sense of connectedness. More than that, the prevalent uncertainty in all aspects of Generation Z’s future has greatly shifted the ways in which solutions to problems are addressed.  

There is a greater sense of urgency and collaboration in an effort to develop productive solutions for a better future. This is because of the heightened magnitude regarding issues such as climate change and war. The lack of action taken by previous generations has cultivated the value of approaching systems and problems with the mindset of renewal.  

Born in 2004, I understand the frustration that stems from a lack of leadership. I often reflect on why solutions to issues such as climate change and human rights are still debated, rather than administered. It can feel defeating when systems and people given the privilege of providing positive change remain stagnant. Sometimes this feeling of defeat manifests into a feeling of unworthiness for a bright future.  

Throughout my academic career, I have witnessed the distinct commonality in the content emphasized through my education. The lessons from the past, what worked and what didn’t, are constantly reiterated. Generation Z has the blueprint for how to solve small and large-scale issues. However, they are truly connected to the detrimental consequences of not taking action towards implementing solutions.  

Generation Z’s productive and actionable approach to problems is everything that our world needs. Yet it is important to remember that this approach carries the undertone of relentless hope rooted in uncertainty for the future we were promised. 

Through the fluctuating social, health, and economic systems of our world, there is a heightened sense of uncertainty. Despite this, the potential of reclaiming the futures we were promised, enkindles a sense of hope that is seen in the collective taking actionable solutions. While uncertainty for the future remains a prevalent concern for Generation Z, through incentivized hope, there is a collective urge to make swift positive change.  

The future I imagine is not filled with flying cars or time machines, but is filled with new productive societal ways of functioning. Systems that are sustainable for Generation Z and are there because of Generation Z. I am in awe of our initiative and relentless hope to maintain our grasp on the potential of stability for ourselves, and the generations that will follow.