Sustainability Funding Applications Open

Photo by ThisIsEngineering from Pexels

Did you know you could get your sustainability project funded through the Student Environmental Sustainability Fund (SESF)? The SESF committee is in charge of recommending revenue allocation from the student’s environmental sustainability fee. The fund’s goal is to provide students with resources that are sustainable for use and education while growing and continuing BC’s efforts to create an environmentally responsible campus.

In the past, they’ve funded projects big and small. In 2017 they allocated $672 to rain barrels for the campus. Rain barrels capture water for later use in watering lawns, gardens, or indoor plants. They help cut down on public water usage, aiming to make your utility bill smaller. The SESF also provided $65,500 for water refill stations in 2018. Refillable water stations aim to keep people from purchasing plastic disposable water bottles and instead promote reusable water bottle usage. But the projects that are allocated funds by the SESF don’t have to be related to the entire campus. Field trips have been funded as have research projects. In 2020, a plastic and coral research project was provided $6,000. To see what BC is already doing and gain some inspiration of your own, you can check out Bellevue College Office of Sustainability’s Resources and Sustainability at BC pages.

If you have a sustainability project you think the BC community could benefit from, be sure to submit a letter of intent first. All the steps to follow are available on the BC Office of Sustainability website. Keep seeking ways to keep our campus green and our earth healthy!