Student Artwork Showcase: Jordan Diadedakana

Jordan Diadedakana // Used with permission.
To see Jordan Diadedakana’s “Le Monde est à Toi” album as displayed at Bellevue College, click here. Note that the image is NSFW.

Jordan Diadedakana, an international Bellevue College student from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, recently had his artwork displayed in the U-building. Diadedakana shared his project of drawings called “Le Monde est à Toi” with the Assistant Director of International Student Advising and Engagement, Bradley Huggins.

Diadedakana said, “For my artwork to be hung in [the] U-building, I had the chance to work with Mr. Bradley Huggins. We had a meeting last year, and a major part of the conversation was about art. I thought about sharing the project with him after I finished completing all the drawings. [A] few days later, Mr. Bradley then contacted me for an opportunity to display the drawings in [the] U-building… I believe that this opportunity is available to other students as well. I would encourage anyone who is interested to do so!”

Diadedakana has worked hard and has traveled a long way to share his artwork with us. 

“The part of the story that has shaped me and my artwork is based on different life experiences I went through in the United States,” he said. “I [have] always loved to hear and tell stories since childhood. I have been drawing for a long time but have not found a style to identify myself with yet. I just figured out a way to tell stories through art in the past three years. And to me, this album (‘Le Monde est à Toi’) is the result of the work that has been put in throughout all those years,” said Diadedakana.

In regards to Diadedakana’s displayed project and goals for the future, he states: “I am intending to exhibit my art projects on a global scale. As long as I can have places that will be interested to hear my stories. Anyhow, I am passionate about art and I do not want to stop creating works. The theme of my art is based on facts that occur in society. In this album, I think that people can at least find one story that relates to their lifetime.” 

Diadedakana’s collection contains eight pieces of artwork that revolve around Diadedakana’s experiences and struggles. You can view his portfolio here.

“I would tell other aspiring artists to focus more on developing the quality of their works. I have had testimonies from the teachers in my department about the progress of my drawing style. That is motivating to keep going because I still have a lot more to learn again.”

When asked where Diadedakana draws his inspiration from, he said that “My favorite piece of artwork is called ‘Nighthawks’ by Edward Hopper, from which I was inspired to create my own version called ‘Zone dans la Ville’ for my album. That is because my art style leans more towards modern art and realism, which I think ‘Nighthawks’ is part of.”

To view more of Diadedakana’s artwork, check out his Instagram page!