BC Mural Project Winner Spotlight: Naziha Nafen Bagh and Yali Hajhassan

Naziha Nafen Bagh and Yali Hajhassan // Bellevue College.

Welcome back to more Outdoor Mural Project winner spotlights! The only mural with a collaboration is called “Think of Others.” It was created by Naziha Nafen Bagh and Yali Hajhassan. To view other project winners, click here.

Naziha Nafen Bagh and Yali Hajhassan — “Think of Others”

Bio: Yali Hajhassan is a self-taught artist interested in Arabic calligraphy. Her early fascination with Arabic calligraphy started at the age of nine by practicing the Al Ruq’ah script. However, it was not until 17 that she continuously committed to experimenting and practicing calligraphy. The past 10 years she spent improving her calligraphy skills have been a great beginning of an even greater chapter of this extraordinary journey. Yali holds a BA in psychology which had a great influence in shaping her understanding of life which — in turn — has been reflected in her artworks.

Her passion for literature, and especially Arabic poetry, has always been present in her artworks as she is keen to bring out the charm of poetry using calligraphy. Her goal is to offer others the chance to see how beautiful poetry is through calligraphy, which she usually describes as “Music to the eyes.” Yali looks up to many artists in the domain of Arabic Calligraphy. Still, the brilliant artist Mr. Khaled Alsaai greatly influenced her work as he provided technical support and consultations throughout the past seven years.

Yali has participated in the online version of IAAF (Istanbul Art and Antique Fair) in December 2020, and IAAF that took place in Istanbul in November 2021. She was also the winner of the public choice award in IMMIX 2021, an international exhibition organized by Exhibizone, a Canadian Art Venue. Please visit www.surryalistic.com to see a selection of her artworks.

Hajhassan’s Artist Statement: “Think of Others” is an artwork implemented using the Square Kufic script, one of the most famous scripts in Arabic Calligraphy. The artwork is an initiative to keep others in our thoughts, believe that all humans are equal and emphasize sympathy as a fundamental human trait. The artwork is inspired by a wonderful poem called “Think of Others” by the distinguished and well-known Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish. The quote “…think of others, do not forget those who seek peace,” demonstrates the ideas of solidarity and equity that all of us must carry towards other nations. Sympathy is the first step we need to take aiming to rise as better humans, and “Thinking of Others,” the artwork, is a pure reflection of this vision. Additionally, it is important to highlight that the quote was selected as it promotes peace.