BC Mural Project Winner Spotlight: Jenna Morrison

Jenna Morrison // Bellevue College.

BC’s Outdoor Mural Project winner Jenna Morrison created her piece titled, “DiverCity.” For a look at the rest of the winners, click here.

Jenna Morrison — “DiverCity”

Morrison’s Artist Statement: This piece represents how cities are a beautiful creation of a diverse population. The night sky is representative of the peace that can be achieved when people are brought together by diversity, instead of divided by it. The buildings from an arrangement of different skin tones, represents how differences can be brought together to build something wonderful and cohesive. The people are made with multiple colors of dots to represent people’s many different facets that make them each unique; both in appearance and in their hearts. All of these differences are apparent, but that is exactly what makes cities a lovely composition. In America, every city is just that, a diverse city.