Bellevue College to Host “Chat & Chew” Event for Student Career Advancement on Feb. 21

One of the many reasons people attend college is to pursue career advancement—taking college courses and obtaining a college degree can open up (or, in some cases, be a prerequisite for) job opportunities. Taking classes and getting a degree, however, is often just half the battle. Job hunting entails the attainment and application of skills such as résumé building, networking, and passing interviews. The pressure to learn these skills, combined with the pressure to do well in school and the internal/external pressure to get a job, can make the career search process seem very intimidating.

In order to assuage these concerns, the Center for Career Connections has provided resources related to career development on its website. Additionally, the Social Justice Center is hosting a “Chat & Chew” event talking about these resources. The event, which will be held both in person in SJC B207 and virtually via Teams (Meeting ID: 258 504 156 436, Password: RJFQuT) is slated for Wednesday, February 21.

Some of the topics covered in this event include:

Personal statements and how to write them:

  • Personal statements are narrative essays that are often used in scholarship, transfer, and four-year degree applications. In the words of Corey Goelz, Career Exploration Manager for the CCC: “A personal statement is an opportunity for [someone] to showcase [themselves] as a person with a story, beyond [their] résumé, transcript, and other documents.” A personal statement can help provide a fuller picture of an applicant, and “a well-written [one] is hugely beneficial” in the aforementioned applications.

Resumes, Cover Letters and LinkedIn 

  • Resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn are all tools that are used to get people in the door of an interview with an employer and increase the chances of getting hired. Given the level of nuance required to craft a good résumé, write a convincing cover letter, or build an eye-catching LinkedIn profile, it might be helpful to visit the CCC’s guide on these documents or ask personalized questions during the “Chat & Chew” event.


  • Getting an internship can help with the development of important workplace skills and provide insight into the nuances of a specific career field. As an added bonus, many employers extend return offers to their interns, and even without a return offer, an internship can serve as work experience on a résumé.

Networking Strategies

  • Networking is an important part of the job search and career advancement process; it can help provide personal clarity on interesting career fields through interaction with professionals. While engaging in the process of networking might seem daunting, Ms. Goelz assures students that “people are more willing to help than [they] realize” and that networking is just like any other skill that requires practice.