Bellevue College Introduces Campus Climate Survey for Students

Photo by Noah Buscher from Unsplash.

Bellevue College is introducing a campus climate survey as part of the college’s long-term planning for equity, diversity and inclusion. This survey will help track BC’s growth in terms of climate, while also taking culture and sense of belonging into account. Participation in the survey is voluntary.

The survey will be implemented every two years, with the mission of fostering a more inclusive environment for all people at Bellevue College. The feedback received will be used to inform BC policies and planning.

This is a chance for the BC community to consider sharing their perspectives as participants, knowing they are ensured to be protected and that answers will remain anonymous. Most questions are multiple-choice, but some call for experiences and opinions to be explained in more depth.

Although a BC email is necessary to begin the survey, identifying information will not be associated with its responses. This measure is only to confirm participants are affiliated with the college.

The campus climate survey may take around 10 minutes to complete, but it can be stopped at any time or returned with previously saved answers. Questions may be left unanswered or skipped if desired. Participants can opt out of submitting their responses at any time before final confirmation.

Members of the BC community are welcome to take this survey before it closes on Friday, March 1. Here is the link to the survey: Campus Climate Survey