Bylaws undergo yearly revision

On Tuesday, July 23, the Associated Student Government Bylaw Revision Committee will meet to revise the ASG bylaws. The committee consists of the ASG Judicial Board, Chief Justice Komalpreet Sahota and Associate Justices Natasha Wijoyo and Kazuki Yonebayashi; ASG President Zawdie Stephens-Terry; and two students-at-large, LGBTQ Resource Center Leadership Sam Crenshaw and Environmental and Social Responsibility Representative Alex Clark.

According to Brandon Lueken, ASG staff adviser, the bylaws for the Office of Student Legislative Affairs will be revised alongside the ASG bylaws, as the OSLA bylaws have not been revised in several years.

The bylaw revision occurs annually to ensure that the bylaws reflect the current student body.

“The vision for this year’s Bylaw Revision Committee is to bring the Associated Students of Bellevue College Bylaws up to date and [keep them] relevant to the current structure of Student Programs and the campus as a whole,” Sahota said. Specificially, Sahota hopes the committee will address issues that came up with bylaw interpretation over the course of the 2012-2013 school year. For instance, the election bylaws will be examined, as will the credit and enrollment requirements for Student Programs positions.

“Credit requirements and the definition of a student will be addressed at the committee meeting,” Sahota said.

After the committee meets, they will propose changes at the ASG board of directors meeting, where they will be voted on. Then, the board of trustees will look over and approve the changes.