ISA upgrades to new Student Programs location

The International Student Association now has a new space in Student Programs. The new student program has been upsized from a cubical space to a spot facing the front desk with about triple the space.

The ISA has been looking for a larger space in Student Programs for about a year and their request has finally been fulfilled. ASG and faculty members remarked on the momentum of the program and the success of the events they have put on, such as International Night and the Halloween dance, according to Valery Borodina,  the ISA activity coordinator. These events have been so memorable for Student Programs and to all of the students that attended  that the faculty, such as Fasial Jaswal, assistant dean of Student Programs, had no choice but to advocate for a larger space for the ISA, according to Borodina.

But the success of the events would not have been possible without all of the time and hard work the ISA put in to create a safe and pleasant atmosphere for events that connect and involve so many students. Borodina insisted that it was all of this that granted the ISA their prestigious new location.

In this new location, the ISA is hoping to continue to grow with an increased outreach, interaction with other programs and direct contact with the ASG. Their goal is to reach both international and resident students alike. “It is not about the program’s title but about what they can offer,” Borodina said, referring to events that the program hosted.

Previously hidden at the back of student programs, Borodina remarked that no one knew they were there. This kept them away from their ultimate goal of interacting with, and becoming a part of, the student body.

The ISA looks to reach out to the different cultures present on the Bellevue College campus and to bring them together in a different light to each student involved with this program, according to Borodina. They offer volunteer and career opportunities while building life-long friendships built on mutual respect. Through awareness and further student involvement, the program’s vision and aim are closer than ever to becoming reality. Members of the ISA have said they are pleased with this upgrade and the possibilities it brings. The ISA hopes to continue on this path of growth so that they can reach more of the student body and have an even large influence than they have already.