Campus parking needs a change

There’s a problem that’s becoming increasingly troublesome on campus, and it’s one nearly every driver at BC is familiar with: parking on campus.

In an attempt to maximize the number of parking stalls on campus, spaces are made to be compact. Doing so increases the difficulty of parking for students, leading to more door dings and insurance calls.

Some students park without considering others, taking up two stalls and defeating the purpose of compact parking in the first place.

Some people who drive to school and are unable to find a parking space will drive around campus, waiting for another student to leave. This habit is detrimental to BC’s carbon footprint. 

In an effort to be sustainable, BC encourages alternate forms of transportation. Carpooling is especially encouraged; public safety sells carpool passes, and the parking garage has spaces reserved for vans and carpool.

Bicycle rental is also available for those who live in Bellevue, with reserved parking and a repair station on the first floor of the parking garage.

Although the sustainability department is doing great work for the environment, Bellevue is a costly city to live in, and many students, as well as faculty, live out of biking range.

Leaving campus is a drain, and the traffic congestion is unbearable. Almost everyone wants to leave after twelve, but there are only three ways to exit campus, even if you take the bus.

With students unsure of how the right of way works, there have been several in the Landerholm roundabout, a problem which a few yield signs could help prevent.

The new U building being built on top of parking lots 2 and 4 is making everything harder for drivers around campus. Not only has the development temporarily closed the two lots, but the project will sacrifice an estimated 92 parking stalls after it is completed.

In the administration’s feeble attempt to complete the alphabet in architectural form, the master plan completely neglects parking spaces. If you look up Bellevue College Campus Master Plan on the school website, you can see how proposed buildings are littered across BC grounds.

Discount parking lots 1, 3 and 5, are now labeled general public parking, leaving even less space for students who already have limited parking options. Some people who desperately try to get to class end up violating parking rules. Fines range from $25 to $50. The maximum fine is $250 for taking a handicapped parking spot without a proper permit.

With the BC administration neglecting the importance of parking, they are wasting money by installing compact spots and making it up through parking fines. Bellevue College is the third largest campus in Washington, but it’s about to be the most vacant because of how difficult it is to get to class. If that happens, all of our shiny new renovations will be pointless.