Bellevue College LGBTQ Resource Center Holds Open House

Bellevue College’s LGBTQ Resource Center hosted an open house on Tuesday, Apr. 9.

The LGBTQ Resource Center is in C212, in the back room. It was a quiet area. Fruit punch sat on a table beneath a bulletin board covered in posters regarding Bellevue College events and clubs.

The people who sat on the couch welcoming those entering the Resource Center spoke about the room. When asked about the goal of the open house, a student, who preferred to remain anonymous, answered, “to show people that we’re here and that it’s a safe space for people to get resources, a place to meet like-minded people.”

The student continued to speak about how the LGBTQ Resource Center was a place for people of all genders and sexualities to come wind down and clear their head after the chaos of school. This isn’t the only purpose for this center, however, as it also aims “to provide resources for things like counseling, LGBT scholarships, sex education links and sources to queer friendly doctors and recourses.”

“Another resource we have is menstrual products and sex products, such as latex and latex free products,” stated the individual.

The Resource Center, as well as having meetings for planning events like pride and drag shows, also has game nights. “We’re also trying to have more gay movie nights,” they said.

 According to their website, the center’s goal is “to create a safe, inclusive and affirming campus that encourages academic success and personal growth for the Bellevue College community through education, advocacy, engagement, support and celebration of diversity.”

On campus there are not only multiple recourses for LGBTQ students, but there are also all-gender restrooms on campus, for transgender or non-binary students.

When asked what important bit of information they would like people to know about the Resource Center, the student said “We still allow people who are cis or straight to come up here, you just have to be an ally. So, you do not have to be out yet and we will not assume anything about you.”

The people attending the open house at the Resource Center emphasized how open they were to newcomers, and welcome anybody interested in visiting.

Photo by Eliot Gentiluomo