Can Sounders finish first in their division


The Sounders have had another impressive season in the MLS in only their third season in the league, where they remain amongst the top in the Western Conference.

It would be great for the fans if they were able to finish first in the division.

The Sounders broke the single season attendance record in MLS, which was also previous held by the Sounders last season, as well as in their first season in the league. That means they have set a new record every season thus far. We truly do  have the best fans in all of the MLS.

Now for news that isn’t so good. On Saturday 17, in the game against DC United, Muro Rosales suffered what is expected to be an MCL (medial collateral ligament) sprain in the 89th minute of the match.

This could be a huge blow to the Sounders offence as they finish up their regular season and gear up for the playoffs. Further tests will have to be done to see the extent of the injury. We hope the results will show it was just a pull or tweak and he will be able to get out on the pitch as soon as possible.

The loss of Muro would prove devastating for the Sounders forward attack. Before leaving the game with the knee injury, Rosales was able to break the Sounders single-season assist record.

Sounders looked impressive against DC United, easily winning 3-0. Alvaro Fernandez scored two goals in the shutout and Michael Fucito scored the other goal that lead to a punishing defeat over DC United. If the Sounders can stay in this high level, smooth, flowing offense, which displayed crisp passing and consistent foot work, we should see them go far into the playoffs this year.

To recap the season, the Sounders started out with a record of 4-2-4 through the first ten games, then hit what seemed to be a rough patch, where the didn’t seem to be flowing very well as a team.

First touches on the ball where not pretty and shots were missing their mark.  However hitting that rough patch did not ruin the Sounders season.

They were able to swing it around again with an impressive 6-2-2 in the next ten games.

Now with the regular season coming to an end, let’s hope they are able to win all of the regular season games that are left and head into the playoffs in topnotch form, ready to take it all.

As college student Ian Netherda said, “Sounders are rolling right now. Let’s just hope they take this momentum into the postseason.”

It would be a real boost for the Emerald City to have one of our major sports team win a championship.  A lot of sports fans are still depressed about the departure of the Super Sonics.

A championship win would help the fans get behind the Sounders and show love for Seattle.

The Sounders still have a long way to go, but it is nice to think about the what-ifs. Good luck Sounders!