Chris’ Epic Sports Column

By Christopher Wood.
When you reach the end of a journey, you must look back at the path you took to get there. You need to see the mountains you have traversed to reach the point of moving on to newer and grander things. The way I got to where I am, and something I intend to continue on my journeys is, cross country. Now, I mean cross country running, not the skiing type. No, this is the type where you get up at o’dark thirty and meet with other like-minded people and grind out some miles. A person does not begin life thinking that running is a fun activity; some may, but I do not know of any personally. You have to be weened into it to see the fun in it. It takes time. To be weened into the sport of running you need a good teacher, someone to show you how to run properly. I had this in the form of Mark Sabo and Steve Melrose, Hazen cross country coaches. Those two men turned my idle running into something productive. The sport of running made me into a better person. Running allowed me to focus on the things that were the most important, things that would help me succeed in life. Running helped me get focus and improve the burning ship that was my academic career. Running has brought me focus and clarity to situations that would not be possible without it. It has honed my body and mind into something that is capable of producing something worthwhile. It was through the coaching of Stella Oriechea and Jenn Marsh at BCC that brought my running to its current state. Cross country has carried me on through some rough patches, and it has brought me to a point that I can move on to better myself even more. I will be leaving you all soon, so good luck to you all. And go whatever you are called after the name change.