ctcLink Activation Information for Bellevue College

Photo Credit // Clementine Allen

ctcLink has been successfully implemented at Bellevue College! This is a major milestone in the ongoing transition to this newer and up-to-date statewide system. While there are some further steps in the ongoing transition, there are a few key milestones for you to keep in mind. This is especially true for the current and coming weeks, where students and staff will have to activate their ctcLink accounts and register through the new system.

If you are a staff member or student employee, you are already able to activate your account! As of Nov. 9, you will be able to request your ctcLink ID and use that to log in to ctcLink, report timesheets, and take advantage of the other many staff and employee benefits of ctcLink. To activate your account, follow this link, click on “Activate your Account,” and fill out the form it redirects you to.

For students, this option will become available starting Nov. 17. It is very important for students and staff alike to request these new IDs, as it is now the only way for employee timesheets to be submitted and will be required to register for classes on Nov. 29. A simplified timeline of the rollout is as follows:

  • Oct. 20 — Nov. 29: Financial aid and emergency funds disbursement will be paused during this time.
  • Nov. 4: Students’ information in the former legacy system becomes read-only.
  • Nov. 9: Employees start ctcLink account activation.
  • Nov. 10: Employee timesheets approved only through ctcLink.
  • Nov. 12: Faculty start ctcLink account activation.
  • Nov. 15: Employee P-Cards reactivate.
  • Nov. 17: Students start ctcLink account activation.
  • Nov. 29: Winter quarter registration starts and students will only be able to register via ctcLink.

Students should expect limited online services or disruptions in service during this transition and implementation time. While you wait for account activation to open up for you, you should take some time to see what you can do to make the process easier ahead of time. According to Maria Rivas, BC’s ctcLink Project Manager, “We highly recommend that students keep a close eye on their BC email for more info and updates as the system rolls out. While students start account activation on Nov. 17, they can visit the ctcLink for Students website now and learn what they need to do in advance.” If you are curious about ctcLink or have any questions about it, be sure to check out the said site, as well as the SBCTC site and our previous article on the new system. Please make sure to monitor your official Bellevue College email closely over the coming weeks, as more information about ctcLink will be arriving in your inbox.