DC’s “Trial of the Amazons” Crossover Anticipation Rises with First Releases

Zoe Loughnane // The Watchdog

Diana Prince, a.k.a. Wonder Woman, is a beloved Amazonian warrior princess created by DC Comics in 1939. Her homeland “Themyscira,” the fictional island of the Amazons, has been hidden from the world of man for centuries with no one leaving or entering until Steve Trevor’s plane crashed on the island during WWII. But Wonder Woman isn’t the only Amazon to have made her way out of Themyscira and into the comics. We’ve had Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, and Diana’s mother. Nubia, also the Queen of the Amazons, who took over for Hippolyta during her time with the Justice League. And lastly, Yara Flor, a.k.a. Wonder Girl. She is technically from the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, but she is still considered an Amazonian sister by those in Themyscira. 

This month, for the first time in 30 years, we’re getting a Wonder Woman-centric crossover event, and for the first time ever in Wonder Woman history, the Amazon warriors are gathering from all corners of the world: from Mount Olympus to Brazil to the gates of the River Styx to Themyscira. It’s called “Trial of the Amazons,” a 7-issue-long cross-comic event that is slated to change the Amazon name forever. You know it’s big because even the goddess Artemis is joining the fun, as we saw in the issue number one cover.

This series will consist of:

  • “Trial of the Amazons #1” and “Nubia & the Amazons #6,” which both released on March 8
  • “Wonder Woman #785,” releasing on March 13 
  • “Trial of the Amazons: Wonder Girl #1,” releasing on March 22
  • “Wonder Woman #786,” releasing on April 12
  • “Trial of the Amazons: Wonder Girl #2,” releasing on April 19
  • “Trial of the Amazons #2,” releasing on April 26

Written as a collaboration by two past Wonder Woman writers, Becky Cloonan and Michael Conrad, and two Nubia & the Amazon writers, Stephanie Williams (main series writer) and Vita Ayala, and with illustrations by none other than Jöelle Jones (Wonder Girl writer and artist), this is easily my most anticipated comic of 2022. It is an all-star team in both the characters and the creatives putting it together. There have been some absolutely stunning variant covers teased and also available for pre-order; DC is truly pulling out all the stops for their legendary warrior women. If you have remotely any interest in the Amazons, in Diana, in Nubia, in Yara Flor, in any of these things, this is the comic run you should buy as it releases.

If you don’t know where to go to get comics in the Seattle area, I’ve got you covered. I would normally recommend Phantom Zone Comics in SouthCenter first, as they are probably my favorite comic shop to venture to, however, their DC shipments have been delayed until April. In its place, I recommend Mighty Moose Comics in Factoria, the second-best comic store in a decent radius that keeps up-to-date with the latest runs. Golden Age Collectables in Pike Place is also great; they have a whole wall of current comics and a bunch of back issues and full runs. Those three shops are your best bets for variant cover arts and current run comics of any run be it DC or Marvel. There are other comic shops around, so be sure to check out your local places too because you might find some gems. Happy reading, fellow Amazons!