“Dear Evan Hansen,” The Movie

Photo courtesy BHHStoday.org

“Dear Evan Hansen” the movie is set to hit theaters September 24. The long awaited film will have Ben Platt (Pitch Perfect and The Politician), who originated the role, playing the lead. The story follows Evan Hansen as he, in a tragic turn of events, helps a family grieve their son Connor after he commits suicide. Evan is a high school senior with social anxiety; he wants to be understood and belong amid the chaos and cruelty of the age of social-media.

The stage version of the musical was nominated for nine Tony awards and won six including Best Actor in a Leading Role in a Musical for Ben Platt. A few differences from the stage version have been announced already. One of the biggest is that we will be seeing a slightly different ending. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Ben Platt called it “a kind of extended third act in which we get to see a little bit more of Evan’s repentance and redemption.” We are also going to be seeing a new song written specifically for the character Alana Beck (played by Amandla Stenberg).

There was quite the controversy surrounding the casting choice of Ben Platt. Many said he is too old to be playing a high-schooler ― however, Platt stated that without him it is very likely that this movie wouldn’t have happened at all. The film is directed by Ben’s father Marc Platt. Even without the family tie Ben was the obvious casting choice. He did the workshopping (three years worth) and played the role in all the out-of-town performances on top of originating the role on Broadway. Evan is Ben’s character inside and out. The movie will speak for itself ― his talent and experience are there, regardless of his age.

For those who are not Broadway fans, this show is often referred to as a “generation-defining Broadway phenomenon”. The music for this musical is incredible, definitely catchy and the ballads hit all the right notes and carry a lot of weight, making them perfect songs to cry in the bathroom to. Be prepared with a pack of tissues when you watch this one. The trailer is available here and the official website with additional information about the film is available here.