“Everybody’s Talking About Jamie”

Photo courtesy BBONYC.com

“Everybody’s Talking About Jamie” will be available to watch on Amazon Prime on September 17. The movie is being released following its very popular West End (the UK equivalent to Broadway) show, which received much acclaim upon its release. WhatsOnStage said it was a “dynamic, deliciously entertaining night out, a glorious tribute to what makes us human and a heart-warming appeal for acceptance”. It’s very bright, fun and exciting. If you’re used to American written musicals, then this can be a fantastic introduction to what the UK has to offer. The trailer can be viewed here!

The film follows the story of a 16-year-old boy named Jamie who wants to be a drag queen. He overcomes his bullies and follows his dream, even if that dream is not the typical career path his teacher wants him to pursue. It’s about being yourself and overcoming your fears, a beautiful story of identity and accepting who you are.

Max Harwood will be playing Jamie, which will be his break-out role; in fact, it’s his first movie in general. Such a big well-known role for an unknown actor is a huge opportunity and incredibly impressive. Harwood must be a perfect fit and just from the trailers alone, it seems as though he is. Our biggest name is Sarah Lancashire, who will be playing Jamie’s mom. For those who aren’t fans of British TV, she’s a widely known actress in the UK, starring in shows like “The Last Tango in Halifax” and “Happy Valley”. 

This movie in particular marks a real change in the availability and reach we’re seeing for musicals. Traditionally, going to the theater is expensive; the price of tickets for professional performances alone is enough to exclude many people. You add transportation or multiple family members and theater becomes “elite” even though it’s meant for everyone. The announcement of release and the success of “Hamilton” on Disney+ has inspired many other streaming services to consider releasing their own musicals. Theatrics are becoming more accessible to everyone, whether it’s a pro-shot or a movie musical.

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