Dinner With Sages

SOURCE: http://www.chefseattle.com
Delicious Plate of Pasta! SOURCE: http://www.chefseattle.com

Good places are hard to find, especially when they are just a speck in the distance. Sometimes it is those places we do not hear much about that makes us run back for more the second we take a bite out of their pastas and breads. Sages has been constantly popular since it opened in January 2001. Bart Kuliczkowski, the chef and owner, and his wife Jerri have created an intimate and elegant feel for both the young and the old. They specialize in rustic Italian and European fare, and they are located just in the heart of Redmond.

One warm, spring afternoon walking into Sages, it was the smallest classy and romantic restaurant I have ever seen. The smell of their freshly made pastas and prawns bombarded my nostrils from the moment I entered the two shiny glass doors. When they brought out the food, I could have sworn I was on an episode of Top Chef. The plates were beautiful and creative, topped with basil leaves and such. Maybe the reason most of the dishes are costly is because of how they design their plates to look so beautiful and elegant. Sages is a nice restaurant to spend an evening at if your budget is easy to work with. While the dishes they serve are not unaffordable, they are a bit pricy if you consider $16 for a pasta dish expensive. Some may agree that the prices are more than worth it, though. “The food was excellent. Presentation was very good, flavor was great. Portion size for a high class place was very good. Not those skimpy 2 bites per plate deal at all” said Stu, a happy customer. I am not the only one with great style and taste, apparently.

The food was incredible and freshly made, and the whole atmosphere was outstanding, but the customer service could have made the experience much more worth the trip. It lacked one important detail…a staff that cares.  While the waiter was taking my order and pouring the cold ice water into my glass, there was no “how is your day going”, or small talk that most waiters and waitresses do as a part of their job title.  Even when ordering the Mediterranean Pasta from their short menu, the waiter could barely make conversation. Good thing their food was wonderful, or we might have a problem.

It is not every day that you find a low-key place like Sages, to take your loved one for a special evening without it being jam packed with demanding people waiting to be seated. In fact, the only noise to be heard at the time was the soft and easing music playing over the loud speakers. Even though I was less than impressed by the customer service, I was more than impressed by the place and food itself. I urge you to try this restuarant if you have not already. Trust me when I say Sages has my vote.