Final debate for ASG candidates

The candidates for next years’ Associated Student Government had their final debate on May 2. in Bellevue College’s cafeteria. Many canadiates delivered their speeches, however, four candidates did not even show up to the event.

Student Miriam Zeghmi, said, “Many candidates gave excellent responses and plans, and others seemed to be caught off guard by the questions.  They guaranteed them on the spot and sometimes recycled their opportunities. It seemed like some of the candidates did not give the debate too much importance, while a few seemed passionate about what they are advocating.”

The point of having the debates in the cafeteria was because there are always a large number of students there at a given time, so the students are guaranteed an audience. Also, this gives the “average student” not involved in Student Programs a chance to be exposed to the ASG. Zehgmi said, “It was very noisy in the cafeteria. A lot of the students in the lunchroom were not paying much attention or seem to knows who was running with the exception of Leslie [Mayo] and Andrea [Torres].”

“Much of the audience focused on their meals and friends,“ said Zeghmi. Despite the noise and the candidates debating against each other and BC students lunches, some potential members of ASG did not even speak. Zawdie Stephens-Terry, running for ASG president, did not give his debate speech because Cameron Jones, his opponent, was too sick to debate.

He felt it would have been fair.

“I think the debates are important because they encourage the democratic process,” said Erin Hoffman, who moderated the debates, “but they seemed kind of pointless to me. Most of the voting happened at the barbecue.”