Get Involved Fair Highlights Student Organizations at Bellevue College

Get Involved Fair 2023 - students conversing at tables
Sean Wu // The Watchdog

On Wednesday, Jan. 11, I had the honor of representing The Watchdog at the BC Get Involved Fair. However, The Watchdog wasn’t the only organization present at the fair. Clubs and organizations spanning the entirety of BC’s campus took the chance to put their best foot forward and show what they can do for the students of Bellevue College.

For those of you who didn’t have a chance to go to the fair in person, here’s a quick recap of what organizations were at the fair and their respective missions:

Academic Success Center (ASC)

The ASC, located in room D204, provides free tutoring for all BC students, covering a wide range of subjects. The center also runs workshops focused on specific academic skills.

Associated Student Government (ASG)

You may recognize the ASG from last week’s article on the election of their new president.

The ASG serves as a way of making student voices heard in BC administration, allowing student-elected representatives — such as the newly-elected president — to engage with BC faculty and staff to make student concerns known. The ASG also assists student clubs and programs with funding and takes on other initiatives throughout the year.

BC Counseling Center

BC’s Counseling Center, housed in room U201, serves as a place to come for personal, career, stress-management and mental health counseling. All services are free for BC students. Multilingual counseling is available.

BC Library

BC’s library, located in room D126, serves as a place to find written works of all varieties, from scientific articles and educational books to graphic novels and fiction. The library also has several quiet study areas and librarians who can help with research. 

Bridge BC

Bridge BC is a student organization focused on creating a safe space to discuss current issues. Issues range from personal to political, but the organization itself has no political agenda, instead aiming to promote dialogue in an increasingly polarized world.

Business Leadership Club

The Business Leadership Club caters specifically to students pursuing future careers in business. They hold events for students to learn and network (including alumni nights), as well as host mock WSA exams for practice.

Chi Alpha

Chi Alpha is a Christian student organization that aims to build a community of faith on campus. They accomplish this through a combination of social events and religiously-oriented education. The group meets once a week on Tuesdays at 2 p.m. and holds additional smaller meetings throughout the week.

Filmmaker’s Club

The Filmmaker’s Club, as its name implies, is a club focused entirely on filmmaking. Projects range from films to commercials to social media content. No experience or gear is required. 

Guitar Club

Guitar Club seeks to create a supportive community for the musically inclined — and not just those that play guitar! They meet every other week and host events such as open mic nights.

International Student Association

The International Student Association serves to create a community for international students. They accomplish this by planning events that allow for a wide variety of cultures to mix and mingle.

Latter-Day Saint Student Association

The Latter-Day Saint Student Association is a student organization focusing on humanitarian work and religious education. They meet twice a week on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 11:30 a.m.

Multicultural Services

Multicultural Services focuses on fostering inclusion, equity and equal access to education for all, with an emphasis on students of color, Native American students, first-generation students, LGBTQIA students and students with a recent immigrant or refugee status. They accomplish these goals by advising students and connecting them to resources, as well as running dedicated programs for Black/African American students, Latinx students and Justice-Involved students. They also offer support for undocumented students.

Office of International Education

The Office of International Education advises international students and helps them get relevant required documents in order. They also plan events to foster a strong community of international students. They often coordinate with the International Student Association to accomplish this.

Psychology Club

The Psychology Club is a combination of a hobby club and a study group that brings students who are passionate about psychology together to talk and learn. They meet on Wednesdays at 12:30 p.m.

Research, Innovation, Service, and Experiential (RISE) Learning Institute

The RISE Learning Institute is a multi-departmental organization that fosters community and civic engagement and connects students to internships, jobs and volunteer opportunities. It runs several programs and sub-organizations, including STEM to Stern, the RISE MakerSpace and the Center for Career Connections.

Speech Club

The Speech Club is a student club that seeks to inspire confidence and promote growth through public speaking. The club holds weekly meetings and competes in both local and national tournaments. No prior debate or speaking experience is required to join.