Meet Rebecca Mbaka, the Newly Elected ASG President

Rebecca Mbaka, new ASG President
Photo courtesy of Bellevue College

Bellevue College’s Associated Student Government (ASG) has announced their newly elected president. With a total of 265 votes, Rebecca Mbaka was elected by BC students as their new ASG president. 

Mbaka is an international student from the Democratic Republic of Congo and is currently pursuing digital marketing at Bellevue College. 

In an interview with The Watchdog, Mbaka shared that one of her motivations to apply for the ASG president position came from a common belief from her home country, “[In Congo] it is commonly believed that women aren’t capable of working [as] hard as men, especially in leadership positions,” Mbaka mentioned. “Experiencing that specific treatment really motivated me to run for this specific position.”

ASG’s mission and vision focus on enriching student life, diversity, social justice and equity. “The main role is really representing students,” Mbaka said. “We have to … know what’s going on with students [and] if there are any issues.” 

Mbaka also shared some of her objectives as the new ASG president. “I learned that many student[s] will complain about how it’s hard for them to find internships,” Mbaka continued. “I came up with the idea of making sure that when companies are coming [to] BC for fairs or things like that, we make sure to call companies working in different kinds of industries.” 

To learn more about ASG and the new board of officers, visit their website or stop by their office in room C211.