Looking Back on BC’s 41st International Night

Bellevue College // The Watchdog.

International Night is one of the most popular events hosted by the International Student Association (ISA) and the International Education Office at Bellevue College (BC). Every year, students get together to create this event with the purpose of immersing attendees in different cultures and giving them the opportunity to meet fellow international students, while showcasing their artistic skills.

Since BC started to go back to the in-person modality and more events are taking place on campus, many events from previous years have also come back to life after a long two-year break. International Night is one of those events.

The 41st International Night was celebrated on Friday, May 27 from 4 to 8 p.m. after two years of being postponed due to COVID-19. This year’s theme was “Global Beats,” because of the high involvement of music performances during the event.

Over 200 students attended International Night at BC’s cafeteria for an exciting night of trying food from different countries and cultures and watching the performances that other students put together to make it a successful and beautiful night.

The doors opened at 4:30 p.m. for attendees to grab food and sit to enjoy the show. Not only did students have the opportunity to attend International Night, but also faculty and staff were delighted to be part of this great event supporting the organizers and performers.

Every one of the more than 15 performances was executed by BC international students, including two main fashion shows. The Parade of Nations featured typical and modern outfits from at least 17 countries. Different dances, songs and activities were also part of the main performances of the night.

BC President Gov. Gary Locke was one of the speakers at the event, emphasizing, “We are so proud of all of you coming [to the U.S.] from all parts of the world.” The international students’ community put together a great event where everyone felt welcomed and with a sense of belonging to the BC community.