Myth Buster! Creating Peace of Mind

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It’s college transfer week, and although I know most of you are excited to be at Bellevue College, you are probably just excited to leave and experience the world.

Transferring can be a little scary and at times confusing, so here are a couple myths you have probably heard that added to your stress.


Community college students can’t transfer to a good four-year university, or it’s not easy to transfer to a university.


This is commonly heard in high school, which is why community colleges in a way get the reputation they do and why some see them as a last resort. In reality, going to a community college then transferring should be considered just as ligitmate as immediately going to a university after graduation.

If you decided that you wanted to save your parents or yourself some stress and go to the college, you definitely made a smart decision.

Bellevue College is no longer considered a community college and not only is the college obviously cheaper than the first two years at an university, the education here is nationally ranked and noticed by many schools throughout the country.

The Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programming states about 50-60 percent of community college students transfer to a four-year university.

Also, according to, research shows that students who attend a community college tend to have a higher GPA than those at a four-year university.

When a student isn’t accepted to a school, many universities suggest going to a community college and then reapplying

This isn’t saying that community colleges are filled with rejects at all, but this just shows that universities recognize that going is a good course before transferring.

Not only is your GPA possibly going to better than most students when you transfer, many students drop out after one or two years so there is more room for transfers, which may have been the reason for no acceptance in the first place.

With the economy the way it is, attending Bellevue is an excellence choice and you will get into your desired university if you really try.


No one successful attends a community college.


I added this myth because it was kind of fun and interesting to see the names of very famous people that attended community colleges who are now ridiculously successful in what they do.

Here are just a few provided by

Walt Disney: Disneyland and Disney World Founder

Tom Hanks: Award winning actor

Calvin Klein: Famous fashion designer

James Sinegal: Costco CEO

Clint Eastwood: Actor and award winning director

George Lucas: “Star Wars” creator

Now that that is all cleared up, you can take a deep breath and know that your dreams of going to that one top university are not shattered but still very attainable.

Who knows, maybe someday your name will be added to list of successful people who attended a community college.

Have a great week!