Park Review: Tolt MacDonald

Thomas Allen // The Watchdog

During the summer, one of my favorite places to go relax is Tolt MacDonald Park. Located in Carnation, the park sports everything you could ask for, from beautiful views to a pristine river. The park spans over 500 acres total and is littered with trails. It also lies right next to the Snoqualmie Valley Trail, making it highly accessible.

One of the most iconic landmarks at the park is the big red barn near the main entrance. It’s an excellent location to eat lunch with picnic tables inside, and can even be reserved if you want to host an event there. For park-goers, it marks the beginning of many great days at the park!

The park also sports a cute little playground just next to the baseball fields, a great place for kids to hang out and have fun!

One of the main attractions at the park are its numerous campsites. The park supports tents, RVs and even yurt camping.

Tracing its way through the park is the Snoqualmie River. It is a pristine river with some excellent swimming spots, as well as some wonderful rocky beaches that are perfect if you wish to build cairns or skip rocks across the graceful water.

There are some excellent hiking trails that meander their way throughout the park. This park has a trail for everyone — be it a short jaunt through the woods or a longer journey up and down a foothill.

And lastly to wrap it all up, this iconic beauty is a suspension bridge that was built for foot traffic across the Snoqualmie River. It is a landmark of not only the park, but also Carnation itself. Overall, this is an excellent park for everything from short day hikes to multi-day camping trips, with beauty not to be understated. If you are ever in the area or are feeling adventurous, perhaps consider checking it out!