Popular Dishes Around the World

Photo by Lily Banse from Unsplash


Bolivia is a country in central South America. An overwhelmingly popular dish in Bolivia is Salteñas, which are pockets of dough filled with meat such as chicken or beef. They are cooked in the oven and sort of look like crescent-shaped hand pies. They are typically served for breakfast or as a snack. Their unique flavor comes from a spiced crushed seed mixture of adobo seeds and spices such as cumin and oregano, which together is called achiote spice. Along with their unique flavor, a braided crust makes authentic Bolivian Salteñas.


The Kingdom of Norway resides in the Scandinavian peninsula of Europe. Lutefisk has a gelatinous consistency because it is a whitefish that has been treated with lye. Depending on the type of whitefish, the fish can also develop a strong pungent odor. This dish has been claimed by both the Swedes and Norwegians, but lutefisk is also made in Finland and the U.S., although mostly in Minnesota and commonly eaten by Scandinavian immigrants. Lutefisk is served with a variety of side dishes such as boiled potatoes, mashed peas, melted butter, and pieces of bacon. Although the traditional side choice of Swedes and Finns is white sauce along with the aforementioned boiled potatoes and peas.

PavlovaNew Zealand

New Zealand is an island located in the South Pacific Ocean. Pavlova was named after a delicate ballerina and is just as delicate. Pavlova is typically eaten during the summer. The base is a delicate, light meringue, which is then topped with preferably tart fruits to offset the sweetness of the meringue (such as kiwis and berries). It is all finished with a topping of whipped cream. It has been rumored that pavlova was invented within the 1920s during Anna Pavlova’s tour of Australia and New Zealand. The first known recipe appeared in print in 1926, although it was not like modern pavlova; this was more of a multi-colored gelatin dessert.

Chapli kababsPakistan

Pakistan is a multiethnic country in South Asia. Pakistan has often been historically and culturally associated with Iran, Afghanistan, and India. Chapli kababs are a specialty in Pakistan. They are made from a combination of beef or mutton (sheep). They get their flavor from spices such as dried coriander, pomegranate seeds, green chilies, and mint. They are often eaten alongside yogurt sauce, salads, and naan bread. Chapli kababs are also commonly eaten throughout Afghanistan and India.


Syria is a country in southwestern Asia on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Mahshi is similar to dolma in that it represents a wide group of dishes that include a variety of vegetables, rice, and meat. The mahshi stuffing usually consists of rice and certain flavors depending on the region’s specific spices. The most common vegetables used to hold the stuffing are cored zucchinis, squash, tomatoes, onions, peppers, cabbage, eggplant and vine leaves in some regions.


Zambia is a country located in central Africa. Nshima is a staple in Zambia; it consists of a thick and smooth porridge made from ground corn. It is often compared to ugali and sadza. Nshima is always served on the side of soups, sauces, or stews, known as ndiwo in Zambia. Ndiwo is a Zambian dish made with leafy greens (such as cassava leaves, collard greens, and pea leaves), onions, and sometimes tomatoes. Some versions contain meat but most are vegetable-based. To eat nshima, small pieces are torn and then used to scoop up the sauce, stew, soup, or nwindo.

AttiékéIvory Coast

The Ivory Coast is a tropical country located in West Africa on the Gulf of Guinea. Attiéké is a traditional Ivorian couscous made out of fermented and ground cassava roots. Attiéké is typically served with sliced onions, tomatoes, grilled chicken, or fried fish. It can be eaten for any meal of the day and it is traditionally made by women.

PoutineQuébec (Canada)

Québec is a French province in Canada. Poutine is a hearty and comforting combo of fries and cheese curds topped with gravy and is eaten from lunch to dinner, but especially late at night. Poutine started as a diner staple but later moved to the menus of all kinds of restaurants, even upscale restaurants. Some poutines have bacon or other things added, but authentic Canadian poutine is just made of fries topped with gravy and cheese curds.


Guam is an unincorporated island territory of the United States located in the Pacific Ocean. Latiya is a sweet dessert with a base of sponge cake, vanilla custard, and a large serving of cinnamon on top. Latiya is commonly made by women and is a staple on most party tables and at celebrations.

BibimbapSouth Korea

South Korea is a country in East Asia, which is on the southern part of the Korean peninsula. There is a Korean tradition that any leftover food mustn’t be brought into the new year, so a practice of mixing different ingredients with rice in a bowl was started, and from that practice, bibimbap was created. Bibimbap literally translates to mixed rice because “bibim” means mixed and “bap” means cooked rice. Bibimbap consists of rice that is combined with a variety of ingredients including sliced beef, vegetables, soy sauce, and gochujang. Then it is often topped with a raw egg that cooks as it combines with the hot rice.