Summer treats: Where to get your sugar fix

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While dressed in summer attire and craving refreshing treats, BC is in an ideal area surrounded by locations ready to serve much-needed icy snacks.

BC Café

Located in the C Building on the first floor is a café with a variety of smoothies. Ranging from chocolate to guava, the BC café serves 16-ounce smoothies with your choice of whipped cream on top for the perfect summer refresher. In addition to the smoothies, the BC Café also has Italian sodas up for grabs that are absolutely thirst quenching and delicious.

Iced Beverages

Venture up Landerholm Circle for another place that offers mouthwatering smoothies: 148th Ave Café. Enjoy the local business and coffee shop atmosphere along with the outstanding customer service.

Visit Tully’s Coffee down the street from BC for one of their smoothies, which include mango, wild berry and antioxidants. They also have a variety of shakes, including cookies & crème, mocha and espresso.

Starbucks are everywhere and literally surround BC. Try their iced teas, smoothies or one of their well-known Frappuccino, such as their new cookie crumble, caramel or peppermint mocha. There is bound to be an icy beverage to your liking. Pair it with one of Starbucks’ Madeleine cookies for the ultimate mouthgasm.

Ice Cream

While not the healthiest of options, DQ is known for their tasty blizzards, which have cookie, candy, chocolate and fruity options. DQ is your stop for the perfect ice cream treat. They even have peanut parfaits and banana splits. While some flavors can taste a bit artificial, they still offer wonderful delectable frozen treats.

With 31+ flavors to choose from and different ways to eat your ice cream, Baskin Robins is not only close to BC but also a great place to get away from the heat and step inside to a refrigerator-like room that refreshes you from the heat and fills you up with pure dairy goodness.

In Factoria Mall, Cold Stone Creamery’s like it, love it and gotta have it sizes are just one of the creative factors to this popular ice cream shop. They will custom make ice cream for you or allow you to pick one of the signature creations, such as Strawberry Blonde, consisting of strawberry ice cream, graham cracker pie crust, strawberries and caramel.

Frozen Yogurt

In the Crossroads shopping center across from the movie theater is Peaks Frozen Yogurt. Almost a year old, Peaks is a self-serve frozen yogurt shop with flavors that switch out frequently to always keep you coming back for a new palette.

The old-fashion version of frozen yogurt can be found near Factoria Mall at TCBY. This international chain
has a variety of soft serve frozen yogurt as well as different sorbets for those allergic to dairy. They also have hand-scooped frozen yogurt that tastes almost identical to ice cream with fewer calories and fat.

Located adjacent to the Downtown Bellevue Park, Yogurtland is one of Bellevue’s most popular self-serve frozen yogurt shops with a line out of the door on a daily basis. They use their own brand of yogurt with new flavors regularly.

While shopping at Bellevue Square Mall, Blissberri is conveniently located inside the mall on the second floor next to Macy’s. Just like Peaks, Blissberri uses Yocream frozen yogurt, a very tasty soft serve frozen yogurt brand.

Bubble Tea

Drive down 148th toward SR 520 and you’ll run into Cozy Bubble Tea, a brand new bubble tea shop with a variety of flavors for teas, slushies and fruit juices. Experiment with the different jellies you can add to the bottom of your drinks, like lychee coconut jelly and rainbow tapioca.

Located on the second floor of Lincoln Square is an always-busy Taiwanese restaurant known as Din Tai Fung. While the massive line out of the door may be intimidating, you can walk right past it to the to-go window and order bubble tea there. Try their strawberry, mocha or mango smoothies or the traditional boba milk tea. You can even call ahead so that your drink is ready to pick up upon arrival.

Inside of the Crossroads Mall in the food court is Boba Express, another place to get boba drinks. They are good at helping you figure out what type of boba to put in your drink and also have a huge list of different flavors to try. They generally deliver drinks quickly to keep the line moving and customers coming back for more.

BC has so many more cold summer treat options around it, so be sure to celebrate summer with a smoothie, cup of ice cream, frozen yogurt and some bubble tea with your friends.