Where did the summer go?

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Graphic by Seth Walker

Seattleites only experience summer three months a year. A very limited amount of time, some international students may argue. Because of the short summer we have here in Seattle, Seattleites have to make sure that summer is not wasted.

International student and Associated Student Government (ASG) Marketing & Public Relations Representative Ignatia Heidi Yota wished to go to the beach with her family before summer is over. While going to the beach is possible for her, reuniting with her family is not an option since Yota is taking summer classes. “I used to live in a tropical country and moving to Seattle is definitely a big change. I miss the warm weather,” said Yota.

Running Start student Angie Palma Gutierrez and International Student Programs’ Peer Assistant Kavitha Tummuru recommend students go to Lake Chelan. While Gutierrez would like to celebrate her birthday there, Tummuru already went to the lake several days ago and did many activities, such as water rafting, jet skis and horseback riding. It would take more than one day to be able to do all the activities at Lake Chelan.

Another student, Brittany Watkins, would love to go to Florida before summer ends. She would like to go to the beach, see all of her friends and do some water sports and other activities. “I think it would be fun to try and go white water rafting,” said Watkins.

Ellie Adriana Kow, president of the Rotaract Club, said that she would like to go wherever just to hang out and celebrate that she had made it in college this far. She would want to sneak out of her house and hang out with friends before her parents wake up. According to her, sneaking out is one of the things she would really like to do this summer. “I have never done it before and it’s on my summer bucket list.”

Priyam Chhabra, Debate Club Events Coordinator for 2011-2012, said that she would want to finish collecting shells from the beaches she had visited to create a necklace of this summer’s memories. “I already have some really beautiful shells!” said Chhabra. On a more serious and educational note, Chhabra would like to share her knowledge to the novice debaters on the Debate Club as much as possible.

The 2011-2012 president of the Latin American Culture Club, Eliseo Gonzalez, would like to go to California Disneyland because it has been his dream since he was little. “The reason I want to go is because I never got to go there as a child, so I’d like to really go there to live the childhood I never had,” explained Gonzalez.

Recent Bellevue College graduate Iulia Repede is already packing for her trip to Mexico with her family. “Before summer is over, I want to spend as much time having fun with my family as possible,” said Repede.

There are many ideas for summer activities students could do, starting from enjoying the lakeside or beach under the sunshine to learning to swim, from exploring Bainbridge Island to simply spending more time with your loved ones.

It’s not too late to plan a vacation or weekend trip with your friends and family. Ask your friends to explore new places or try new activities together! Most importantly, be adventurous and discover the wild things summer has to offer and do not waste any time!

Source: trbimg.com