The voyage of online dating: OMG URAQT

The many faces of online dating (SOURCE:
The many faces of online dating (SOURCE:

It is Friday.

Date night.

You’re counting down the minutes until you get to see (insert desired name here). Outfit ideas line up in your head for what feels like the 40 yard dash. They race through your thoughts until one finally crosses the finish line.

Your do your hair, spray some fragrance, and boom. It’s time.

You sit down at the table, fix your hair one last time, and turn on your webcam.

Welcome to online dating.

We have all seen the commercials.

There is a man or woman, that you wouldn’t expect to have to find love online, talking about how they found the love of their life on the Internet.

There are tons of websites that claim people find their “perfect” match, the light to their candle.

People around the world flock to, eHarmony,, and the less romantic ones like

Yet according to, one in five relationships are started online. EHarmony even says that it is responsible for 5 percent of the marriages that occur.

I guess we can all say goodbye to singles bars, blind dates, and speed dating (the little joys in the world).

We do live in the technology age.

Kids are playing Wii tennis instead of going outside, friends are Skyping instead of having one-on-one time, and people are looking to the Internet to find their match instead of taking part in the grueling hunt for love.

Online dating definitely has its perks.

Today, people are juggling school, work, and for some, single parent homes. Many people don’t have time to go on numerous unsuccessful dates with the hope that one will change everything.


You find someone with the same interests with you, intelligence level, and he/she is an Italian model.

Plus: He/she is everything you want and more.

Minus: He/she is out of town, state, country, and beyond. Without a dating site, you may have never found this person.

Sure, social interaction and communication are vital in finding a relationship, but it is a new time and age. We have to evolve with it or be left behind.

Mental breaks down: The Pros and Cons

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*The variety is almost limitless.

*No matter your background you can almost guaranteed to find a match.

*You can meet people based on career, qualifications, looks or any other criteria.

*You can find potential partners with similar interests.

*Online dating is safe and secure when used with a little common sense.


*You can’t see the person you are emailing.

*It’s easy to pretend to be some one else as identity is not verified.

*Rarely, because of the anonymous nature of the Web, it does attract some undesirable characters.

*On most sites you have to pay a fee; there are some free ones but most are not too great.