Essential Travel Safety Tips for the Summer

Image by Xandro Vandewalle from Unsplash.

With the summer months coming ahead, many students are planning on vacationing with their friends and family. It’s incredibly important to stay safe and healthy on trips to maximize your experience and fun. In this article, you may find some tips you never even thought of before that may be worth a try.

One of the greatest fears travelers have is being robbed. Even if you lock your backpack, it’s not uncommon to find that a thief slashed a hole through the side. When traveling abroad, contacting the police might be a struggle if there is a language barrier, and you might never be able to get your belongings back. That’s why slash-free backpacks are available. Though expensive, they are made with durable mesh and are opaque, so no one can peer through. Investing in travel insurance can help your chances, even if your things get stolen.

Keeping privacy when traveling can be difficult for some, especially when you’ve met a friend on a vacation. Though, sharing too much information can put you in a dangerous situation or be a risk factor for getting your things stolen. If you have befriended a local or traveler, don’t share personal details about yourself, such as your hotel room number. Giving out a phone number is okay, and can help friends bond long-distance.

On top of being safe from strangers, you must learn to protect yourself from consuming harmful foods. Some people have restrictions or allergies that restaurants need to be aware of, so using a translation app to express your concerns to a server will be beneficial in the long run. Aside from food, having a clean water source is important, too. Even drinking from the hotel tap can run a risk of new microbes that could leave you feeling sick. Store-bought bottled water is always a better choice for daily consumption, and even for brushing your teeth.

Food issues might be easy to get around, but even slight grievances like cuts or headaches can occur at any time. Always carry a First Aid kit in your backpack filled with bandages, antibiotic ointment, and pain relievers. If you’re traveling somewhere sunny, you might be at risk for sunburns if you don’t use sunscreen. Conversely, bringing chapstick in cold places can prevent your lips from cracking. Using hand sanitizer after every time you touch a common object like a door handle doesn’t hurt, either.

Vacations are a perfect way for people to enjoy new places, experience new weather, and connect with friends and relatives. Use these travel safety tips to your advantage, because they can keep you out of harm’s way and let you have the time of your life.