Ultimate Halloween Pranks!

Courtesy of Brandy Pickering / The Jibsheet

Halloween isn’t just awesome for the fact that you get to dress up however you want and people reward you with free candy. It is also a great excuse to pull the best pranks on people that will have you laughing for weeks.

So if you’re ever stuck at home with candy duty or you’re too old to go trick-or-treating but too young for parties, you might as well have a little fun.

This prank is specifically dedicated to those greedy kids that don’t know the meaning of “just take one.”

First and for most, practice your blank face in the mirror because this prank requires concentration and focus. Then dress yourself up as a scare crow, making sure you look very realistic, and sit on a stool in front of your house holding a bowl of candy that says “take one.”

For those kids that listen, just give them a little wink, but for those bad apples that don’t listen, jump up and scream “I said just one!”

The look on their face will be absolutely priceless. Hopefully, you’ll also teach them a thing or two about disobeying signs, especially ones about candy.

Another prank to scare the enthusiastic kids roaming around the neighborhood is for you and your friends to dress up as some type of monster that matches the Halloween décor of your house and lie out on the lawn. Let the trick-or-treaters pass you, but when they turn around you will be crawling towards them moaning for their blood.

Another funny one you can do if you’re by yourself and have nothing to do is to dress up in a costume that requires a mask so no one can see who you are and simply just follow a group of people around wherever they go. They will be utterly confused and actually might not say anything for awhile.

Lastly, this prank is for the cruel-minded who don’t care about scarring kids for life. Simply take out the chain in a chainsaw and every time someone comes to the door for candy, open it and run after them with the chainsaw. Have splattered fake blood all over your porch, door and body.

All these pranks will give you endless laughs and stories.

Happy Halloween, may your pranks be successful!

(And remember the goal should be to have someone pee their pants in terror.)