10 Festive Ways to Decorate for Halloween

(Source: tshirtbordello.com)

Candy-crazed kids gallop through neighborhoods, scavenging for candy. Where do they want to go to? Your place. Why? Because you have the sickest house in the neighborhood! But first you need to decorate it to make it that way.

  1. Blood looks great splattered over your front door and even windows and the side of your house if you want to go all out. You can either buy fake blood, or make it. To make it, simply mix three cups of corn syrup with one cup of water. Mix. Then add a few drops of red food coloring until it’s the desired color. A few drops of blue or green food coloring may be added to your mixture to create a more realistic blood-like color. Make it look like someone was covered in blood and was trying to get in by having hand marks and smearing blood.
  2. Animated props are one of my favorites. When I was younger, I loved seeing those huge zombies that would make noises when triggered by motion or sound. But let’s be realistic. Animated props are pretty expensive. Plus, you miss out on seeing the terrified look on people’s faces. If you have a lot of time on your hands on Halloween, dress up as something scary and you can be the decoration!
  3. Strobe lights are fun for clubs but they are also awesome for lighting up a dark house. Trick-or-treaters will love coming up to a dark home that seems to have lightening in it.
  4. Candles not only smell great, but they can dress up your home to create a spookier home. They set a creepy mood when they are the only source of lights. On a different note, they help save your electricity bill.
  5. Spider webs are a classic. Distribute them over your bushes or over tables indoors. You can also get huge fake spiders and put them over your windows or door.
  6. One of the most sophisticated Halloween looks is creating a graveyard in your front yard. Get fake grave stones and bones that look like they are about to come up from the graves. On Halloween night, adding the haunted forest sound effects with crickets, owls, or even wolves in addition to a fog machine would spook it up to a new level.
  7. Pumpkins are a must. They can go up your outdoor stairs, by the front door, or even on various dressers throughout the house. If you aren’t very good at carving a pumpkin, you can purchase a mini pumpkin for about one dollar from the grocery store. Use paint or sharpies to draw on the pumpkin. Look up funny faces to duplicate them.
  8. Get the yellow caution tapes to wrap around your house or make your own signs that say “CAUTION, zombies are inside.”
  9. Dress up mannequins in creepy ways in your front yard such as making them look like they are mowing the lawn.
  10. If you keep your car in the front yard, what really freaks people out is when you get fake body parts like arms and legs that hang out of your car.


Enjoy dressing up your place for Halloween and stay safe.