MYTH BUSTER! Creating Peace of Mind

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It’s Halloween! Which means free candy, crazy parties, incredible pumpkin carvings, and, of course, plenty of costumes. This is one of the most exciting times of the year, where the only stress is deciding where to go, what costume to wear, and if you’re going to buy it or attempt to make it. One thing that can be an unwanted stress, mainly for the females though, has to deal with this week’s myth.


You have to wear a “slutty” or revealing costume.


Although some of us may strongly believe in the rule expressed in the 2004 movie “Mean Girls” that “In Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it,” this definitely isn’t true for everyone and definitely shouldn’t be.

I am pro wearing whatever you want.

For some that may be a costume that barely misses the mark of being classified as lingerie and will have you wondering how it was even possible to make that cute, innocent Disney character look like a total whore, and for others, this may be an opportunity to put their artistic skills to work to create a realistic depiction of whatever character or monster they are portraying.

Yes, my costume this year does contradict what I am saying, personal choices aside, I would never want anyone to feel pressured into having to wear a “sexy” costume just to fit in but why would you ever want to fit in?

Want to get some actual attention when you walk into a Halloween party? Don’t wear that skimpy Power Ranger costume your friends are all dressing up as, be a cow! That’s right, a big fat cow, or a banana, or an ugly witch.

Not only are those costumes funny, they show that you see Halloween as an opportunity to really dress up traditionally or show how handy you are with a needle and fabric.

I applaud those that are able to make the most realistic costumes because that is something I definitely don’t have the patience or skills for.

Though you may see more skimpy costumes this year like every year, I want to make one thing clear: people’s choice of costume does not reflect on their character or morals.

In the same way no one should judge you for not wearing something revealing, you should not judge everyone that does.

Everyone has their own reasons for wearing what they do and they shouldn’t have to explain it to anyone and they shouldn’t be criticized for it.

Try to keep an open mind this year and just enjoy the Halloween spirit.

Have a fun and safe Halloween! And remember, you are never too old for trick-or-treating ;)