Volunteering in Bellevue: The Sophia Way Women’s Shelter

Volunteers unloading food truck
Photo by Joel Muniz from Unsplash.

Volunteering can be an extremely rewarding experience while also looking great on college and job applications. It can be hard to find places to volunteer at in your area or find the right fit for you. Bellevue has many opportunities for volunteering: food banks, animal shelters, animal sanctuaries, sanctuaries and hospitals. The Sophia Way is a women’s shelter in Bellevue and you can show your support for them in multiple ways. Volunteering, purchasing from their Amazon wishlist, donating a meal, and more are all incredibly helpful. If you are unable to give money, time or food, the next best thing you can do for them is to promote them and their services on your social media. In addition to the Bellevue location, there is also one located in Kirkland, if that could be an easier commute for you.

In 2020 alone, Sophia Way has helped over 500 women, donated over 45,000 meals, housed 66 women and given over 14,000 women a warm and safe place to rest at night. If you are interested in some of the women that Sophia Way has helped, their stories can be accessed on their website. I appreciate Sophia Way’s commitment to these women and the issues that they are facing and hope that with our support, they can continue to make an impact on local women.