WA Organizations to Join in the Fight Against Global Warming

Photo by Noah Buscher from Unsplash.
In honor of Earth Day on April 22, BC’s Office of Sustainability is hosting Earth Week events from April 18 to April 26. Their theme this year is “Climate Voices: Sharing, Listening and Taking Action Together.” Bellevue College faculty and students are holding events this week to engage in climate conversations and climate education sessions. To learn more about BC’s valuable in-person and virtual Earth Week events, you can visit their website.

The ever-growing impact of climate anxiety can often lead to confusion about how to effectively be a part of the solution. While the surplus of organizations working against global warming is valuable for our communities, it can become overwhelming. It may even be difficult for individuals to identify how they can and want to contribute.

In the spirit of taking action and creating positive change within our communities in the fight against global warming, here are some Washington organizations you can join.

The 21 Acres Center provides education and events to cultivate an appreciation for local food systems. During these, 21 Acres utilizes innovative ideas that support local agricultural systems. You can view their regularly updated calendar for knowledge and volunteer opportunities regarding sustainable agricultural practices.

EarthShare Washington is a collection of active non-profit organizations that aim to protect the environment. They provide support to Washington organizations such as Zero Waste Washington, Audubon Washington and the Washington Trails Association. They also offer organized, Washington-specific volunteer opportunities.

The Washington Sea Grant is a University of Washington program that focuses on providing research and education to empower communities with the tools needed to protect coastal and marine life. They offer educational events and volunteer opportunities to equip citizens with the knowledge needed to protect coastal and marine ecosystems against global warming.

The National Nature Conservancy in Washington works vehemently to conserve land and water to protect the world’s ecosystems. They collaborate with experts to develop innovative plans to protect this land and water. They offer advocacy opportunities to speak up for change on a policy level. They also offer volunteer opportunities that allow Washingtonians to work with each other in preserving Washington’s forests and wetlands.

Washington Women in Food Systems is a network of empowered and educated women who aim to bring equality and improve the conditions of Washington’s food system, with the goal of developing a strong, sustainable agricultural system. Through this network, innovative ideas and a culture of collaboration is implemented to bring positive change to Washington’s agricultural production process. To support their cause, you can email them at info@w2fs.org.

By working alongside each other and under these organizations, we can shift our train of thought away from climate anxiety and in the direction of being part of the solution.