Weekly Reads: Pieces of Her

Emily Dickinson // The Watchdog.

“She had dozens, even hundreds, of friends, but not one single person knew all of the pieces of her.”

― Karin Slaughter, “Pieces of Her”
Content Warning: This book contains mentions of murder, abuse, harassment, manipulation, stalking, trauma, gun violence and gore.

Laura Oliver is known as many things. A mother. An ex-wife. A friend. And then, a hero. A liar. And perhaps, even, a killer.

Laura’s daughter Andy is going through a rough patch. As they chat in a diner, an unsuspecting gunman shows up and everything changes. Andy’s mother is seen as both a hero and a killer. 

From there, things begin to slip out of place, and before we know it Andy is on the run to find the pieces of her mother that were hidden away a long time ago. As we go with Andy from place to place to piece together her mother’s past, Laura’s past arises quickly and vividly as it intertwines with Andy’s present. 

“Pieces of Her” is a murder mystery and a thriller. Karin Slaughter absolutely nailed writing this novel. It is so perfectly pieced together that it seems almost true. Laura’s past is interesting and full of detail that inevitably brings us to the present. The character development is spot on, cunning and incredible. 

I highly recommend reading this book and if you aren’t a fan of reading, “Pieces of Her” is also a Netflix series.