Your Guide to Studying on Vacation


For some, summer is a restful period to relax. Why would you ever study during the summer? According to Valencio Socia, BC’s Academic Success Center Program Coordinator, one reason for studying is for a placement exam. Other students may prepare for classes like ESL, which aren’t offered in the summertime. Or, like me, you could be taking an accelerated summer quarter class.

College life is tricky to manage on its own. We have endless textbooks, tests and studying to deal with. Add a vacation to the mix and you get an infinite amount of work. So, how do you handle it all?

We can shave off some stress with planning. Socia advises students to plan three things: your vacation activities, your study schedule and your mental health break times. The syllabus will come in handy, so read through it to prepare for the current week and the week ahead. Keep a note of all your test days and times.

Time zones vary by region, so be sure to know your Zoom class times and when assignments are due in the area you travel to. If the Zoom classes are at inconvenient times, ask professors for a recording. 

You don’t want to spend hours and hours on schoolwork during a vacation. This makes focussing essential. A sure-fire way to hinder it is with distracting family and friends. You should find a quiet area to study in. This place should have reliable Wi-Fi as well. That can be difficult to find in some parts of the world, so plan accordingly.

Planning can be challenging. Why not ask the Academic Success Center for help? You can contact the Academic Success Center to get tutors to help you review a subject or to even ask a quick question. However, don’t be mistaken, tutoring is not just for those failing in classes; it’s for everyone.

There are multiple resources available:

  1. Appointments: Create as many 30 minute appointments as you’d like with tutors.
  2. Drop-In Tutoring: Get tutoring without a scheduled appointment.
  3. Math or Writing Labs: Specialized labs with lab instructors for subjects like writing, reading and math.
  4. E-Tutoring: Online tutoring is open beyond business hours and during college quarter breaks.
  5. Study Skills: Understand how to study more effectively.
  6. KCLS Online Tutoring: Free tutoring services from King County Library System, unaffiliated with the Academic Success Center. To access, follow the login instructions on the ASC homepage.

Studying during your summer vacation isn’t easy. But follow these steps and you will get your well-deserved chance to relax.