Survival Tips: Getting back into the groove

A beautiful spring dat at Bellevue College (SOURCE:
A beautiful spring dat at Bellevue College (SOURCE:

Bird’s sweet songs disturbing your typical dream.

The one where you end up winning the lottery, quit school, and tell the world to call you when you get back from Jamaica.

Sorry mon.

Instead you are:

Waking up in the a.m.

Coming up with a balanced routine. One that includes getting dressed, eating food, and making it to class on time.

But, we all know that the first day of school isn’t as cracked up as it is to be. We have to surpass the hurdles before we even get there.


Traffic: People who just got their licenses erk me the most.

Waiting for new drivers to put their parallel parking skills to test is not my favorite past time.

School Buses/

Metro buses:

The stop-and-go flow of traffic is a no-go for this gal.

Patience is a virtue, but waiting for you to pickup and drop off people reminds me of the bookstore lines.

Slow walkers:

(Spotted with maps of the campus). They look like tourists.

They might as well wear Hawaiian printed tops and cargo shorts.

You may still be in airport mode.

Trying to get through lines as quick as possible, giving death stares anytime someone tries to pass you, and hating parking no matter how close it is.

Even after arriving at your destination you’re still in the zone.

it’s time to proceed to the terminal and viola you are in the R building taking your CMST 101 class. Oh JOY!


Of course I want to give an acronym for my name. Missing-in-action and poof I’m out of the class.

The introductions are always the same.

We fill out a card saying our likes, dislikes, goals, dreams in the hopes that someone will really care, and then we exchange our numbers, make new friends, and sing Kumbyyah.


How I love to collect tons of papers that could easily be put online.

Instead of calculating the points I need I’m calculating the points I can lose and still get an A.


The teacher’s pet after less than ten minutes into the class.

The student that is already asking about extra credit opportunities.


The student that asks if we can turn in our final project early.

Oh how I love going back to school.

Eventually I will get used to early morning campus walks, the fine sounds of the piano in the C building, and the various smells of the cafeteria.

Enjoy it jibbers.

I only leave you with these words of wisdom.

Hopefully you get your AA before Lindsay Lohan makes another movie.